Day 2: Track 1 (Room Adan Sonia)

SESSION 1: West African Clean Energy Corridors: Status and Way forward

Moderator:  Mr. Mahama Kappiah

Keynote Presentation:

• Emmanuel Moteng, Senior Energy Advisor – Power Africa/USAID


• Solar corridor strategy – Mahmoud N’Daw, ECREEE
• Hydro corridor strategy – Jean Teyssieux
• Wind corridor strategy – Ben Jemaa
• Nnamdi Kalu Ezera, Senior Counsel, U.S. Department of Commerce, Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP)


Day 2: Track 2 (Room Mermoz 1)

Welcoming Remarks by: ECREEE and CLASP

SESSION 1: Implementation of Cooling Standards in ECOWAS Member States


• Overview of regional standards and labels for cooling appliances, Charles Diarra, GIZ/ECREEE

SESSION 2: Compliance Best Practice

• Establishing a compliance program
• Strategic, cost-effective and impactful approaches to conformity assessment, market surveillance and enforcement, Nicole Kearney – CLASP

Regional collaboration on compliance

• Coordinating and sharing compliance activities
• Sharing test results and product compliance information
• Case studies from Australia and Europe
By: Marie Baton