Day 2: Track 1 (Room Adan Sonia)

SESSION 4 : Standalone solar systems investment in West Africa and Sahel

Moderator: Baba Diallo, Director General, ASER


ROGEP concept, Siré A Diallo, ROGEP Private Sector Support Facility Coordinator, ECREEE

Roundtable Panelists:

• Eniola Fatimilehin, directir of business develomment in West Africa, Greenlight Planet
• Olúwatóyìn (Toyin) Emmanuel-Olubake, Associate Director, Acumen West Africa
• Bruno Korgo, Directeur General de l’énergie, Ministère des Mines et Energie, Burkina Faso
• Koen Peters, Directeur, GOGLA


Day 2: Side Event #1: (Room Mermoz 1)

ENDA: The Issue of Local Content in RE Projects

Moderator: Sécou Sarr, Managing Director, ENDA

Roundtable Panelists:

• Charles D. Konseibo CEAS Burkina
• Ousmane Ouattara, MFC Nyetaa
• Hyancith Elayo, Policy Analyst, ECREEE
• Djimingue Nanasta, ENDA
• Emmanuel Kaboré, APER