Phanes Group is an international solar developer, investment and asset manager, strategically headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

Our end-to-end business model brings together fully-fledged in-house capabilities, including expertise in project development, structured finance, capital markets, and legal and regulatory affairs. Lean and agile, our structure enables us to deliver utility-scale, distributed, and off-grid PV solar projects.

We take a holistic approach to solar energy to deliver across the entire value chain – from the selection and development of projects, to financing, construction, and O&M.

Our main focus is on Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia (MENA ‘plus’) and sub-Saharan Africa where our business model is best suited to create opportunities and unlock social and economic potential.

In sub-Saharan Africa, the most impactful energy developments integrate reliable on-grid projects with off-grid initiatives that supply clean and affordable energy to rural locations.

We created our ‘hub and spoke’ model to meet the requirements of new markets where the demand for energy exceeds the reach of infrastructure. Our approach combines utility-scale with off-grid projects to ensure more communities across the region have access to a stable and clean energy supply.